Popeye’s Tuesday 2 Piece Fried Chicken

· $, American, Tuesday

Popeye’s is the best tasting 99¢ fried chicken you can get. Just one order of the leg and thigh will fill most people up but it’s hard to stop at just two pieces. For under a dollar, there really isn’t anything that can beat Popeye’s in term of taste and price. However, due to the popularity of this deal, many locations in and around San Francisco has raised their prices. Even at up to a 50% increase, there are still lines at the Popeye’s locations all around San Francisco. The taste of juicy dark chicken meat deep fried in layers of batter is irresistible. The amount of MSG on the chicken makes it impossible to stop eating. The Louisiana Hot Sauce that comes with those two pieces makes everything finger licking good. The Tuesday price seals the deal no matter how long the lines are.

Since this Happy Eat is a bit more universal and applies to many cities other than San Francisco, I am deciding to write a research paper about Popeye’s. This research paper will cover how and when the special came along, when and why the price went up, the price and taste comparison of Popeye’s to competitors, the health of eating Popeye’s, ingredients of the chicken, and possible addiction to fast foods like Popeye’s.

Once completed the link to the report will be posted here.
[Please check back Mid December for the report. Feel free to RSS to my blog for updates]


890 Geneva Ave
San Francisco, CA 94112
(415) 239-2089

599 Divisadero St
San Francisco, CA 94117
(415) 346-3088

1426 Fillmore St
San Francisco, CA 94115
(415) 567-1748

2598 Mission St
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 826-8877

Happy Hour all day Tuesdays
$1 to $2 per person


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  1. Jamal Williams

    I love my fried chicken tuesdays

    • Damon Fong

      No better day than Tuesday for that fried chicken!

  2. angelawku

    Hey Damon! I love Popeye’s Tuesday Deal. I’m so glad that the branch near Serramonte Mall now offers that deal. When that branch first opened up, they never offered the deal; which made the branch near Tanforan the only place to get the Tuesday Deal. KFC has a similar deal, but they make sure to restrict just two chicken pieces per person–which sucks. However, that is the closest one near my house, and my high school, and that’s the deal I’ve grown accustomed to. Something about Popeye’s fried chicken makes it special and just addicting. KFC’s fried chicken looks big because of the excessive use of flour. You notice when you bite into their chicken that you’re mostly eating skin or the crispy stuff. When you get to the meat, its little and still isn’t juicy as Popeye’s. I guess its because Popeye’s patterned their way of cooking to real soul food–which specializes in fried chicken (information they said too in their commercials). Their meat actually as much as what they appear to be before munching on them, and they’re succulent and just satisfying. As much as i wish this deal could be spread out into further more days, I understand why it’s restricted to one. Because customers like me will be going there everyday buying the most i can with my money. Just thinking about it now just makes me hungry, and it’s almost 3 am! Thanks for the awesome read/review again! P.S. you should get us some chicken for our next Tuesday class. 🙂

    • Damon Fong

      Popeye’s definitely beats KFC!!!!! I can’t believe you eat that much of it… and you don’t even look like you’re obese! That two piece limit must be working because I’m pretty sure two or three is about one serving. If I bring it to class I better bring enough for everyone or else the professor will fail us for torturing everyone with that nice smell and making everyone lose focus.

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